It's going to be fucking AWESOME!!

September 19-22, 2019

Mendocino Woodlands, Mendocino CA

Camping Trip
Bigfoot wrestling unicorns
Dance Party

We are a skilled group of partiers. We trust in our instinctual ability to seek out the Awesome and then get even more Awesome. There is an amazing dance floor at this camp and we will have a big old sound system for shaking it till dawn. Time to get lowwwwww!


We know you have a costume box that is yearning to see the light of day. What a better place and time to put on your favorite spandex onesie and challenge your neighbor to a wrestling match.

Camp Fun

This is in the woods so we will get all summer camp on you. Campfires, sing alongs walks in the woods, naps in the meadow. If you are super lucky you might get to meet a Bigfoot and invite them back to camp for a cocktail and a pedicure.

Hippie Stuff

Get down with the Redwoods, y’all. We’re going to be in a magical Ewok forest during the Fall Equinox. Unleash your inner hippie. Commune with nature, welcome the turning of the seasons, or frolic with the fairies. No crystal licking (unless she consents).

Basically we are going to do that whole festival kind of thing only without people who are overly concerned with how beautiful you think they are and with significantly less womp womp. Also redwood trees. And probably a little bit of womp womp.

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not confirmed but he comes every year and melts our faces off so why would this year be any different
Buy his album. He is a genius we love!
DJ Sheepdog
I can't find any of his sets on the internet but we all know he rules. You have danced to him. You know
Got any bright ideas? Let us know. If enough people buy ticket early we may have enough cash to book more bands this year.


We are not surprised that you have questions
What am I going to do?

Have you ever been on a really great camping trip? You won’t have to set up a tent(though you could!) but you will be very much in the forest. There will be hiking and redwoods and a field to play games in. There will also be DJ sets and silly costumes and a keg and a bonfire. Basically, bring your friends and be ready to make new friends. If you want to add something to schedule go for it!

When does the Awesome begin, and end?

Does the the Awesome ever really have to end?

We get access to the camp on Thursday September 19th in the afternoon and will begin setting up right away and I am sure that will be Awesome. Come and join us. We have to be off the property and all cleaned up on Sunday at noon. Feel free to show up anytime between those two points. If you arrive very late at night there may some hunting for your cabin in the dark but we have blind trust in your capacity to handle basic logistical tasks.

Where is the Awesome going to happen?

At the lovely Mendocino Woodlands State Park. We'll be in the first Camp, Camp 1, once you enter the park. Surrounded by redwoods, the camp is about 10 miles from Mendocino, CA and some of the most gorgeous natural beachfront around. The drive from the Bay is 3 ½ hours and sure is pretty. Here is a link to coordinate carpooling.

Is it really down this dirt road?

Yep, it is. It's only 3 miles or so down a dirt road but if you haven't been down this road before, you are going to question the wisdom of continuing to drive deeper into a primeval redwood forest. It's there, we promise!

Where am I going to sleep?

In a cabin, you will almost certainly have one to yourself unless this event goes viral. Bring a sleeping bag, a pad/air mattress is nice too.

The camp itself contains plenty of small cabins that can be viewed as luxurious camping or rustic hotel, depending on your perspective. Each cabin contains 4 cots with thin foam mattresses. Each cabin features a large picture window(no curtains, so bring your own if you like privacy), a rustic stone fireplace, and NO ELECTRICITY, so be sure to bring a flashlight, headlamp, or lantern. Restroom facilities and running, potable water are a short walk from any of the cabins, so you may want some slip-on shoes for nighttime elimination.

Cots & Bedding

Bedding is NOT provided, so bringing sleeping bags or sheets & blankets is absolutely necessary. The cots are basically a thin mattress on top of a board on a metal frame, so if you like a bit more cushioning you may want to bring a thermarest or an air mattress.

So what is up with food?

Everything is potluck the whole time. Some people love to cook and be kitchen elves. Others just bring ingredients and offer them up. Bring some food to share but don't plan every meal -- there will always be leftovers. The kitchen is a sight to behold and those that love to cook often do something epic. If you want to coordinate epic cooking projects sign up here.

If you're coming up Thursday, bring something simple to share -- we'll be doing setup and hanging out by the bonfire.

Friday night's theme is 'Indian potluck' so we'll make a big pot of dhal and some rice and you'll bring a lamb curry so hot it makes your eyeballs sweat.

Saturday night is 'barbeque' so we'll bring some buns, ketchup, relish, etc and you bring something to grill or your famous potato salad.

The camp has an industrial kitchen, a walk in fridge and a sizeable freezer, so you can store personal food items and cook things up as you like.

Malnutrition is not awesome so we are supplying a baseline of simple food and coffee. Probably there will be more leftovers than anyone could ever eat, but at a minimum there will be lentils and rice.

The more treats you bring that you like to share with others, the better this party gets. If you want to prepare a huge meal for everyone in a decked-out commercial kitchen, get in touch -- this also can happen.

Expect to spend at least one hour on Friday or Saturday keeping the kitchen under control so that it will remain useable for everyone over the weekend.

Are children welcome at the event?

This event is family-friendly but not family-oriented. If your child is comfortable at a festival event where adults may behave oddly at times, this will be a jolly time for them.

You do not have to buy tickets for your children. If you are under 18 and would like to attend this event, please find a guardian-type to bring along.

What about bringing my pet canine, feline or reptile?

Absolutely no pets are allowed at the site. It’s not our rule, sorry. Find a nice pooch hotel or alligator sitter. Or get the alligator to watch your dog.

What do I need to bring?

** Bedding is NOT provided. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN BEDDING.** For other things to bring, check out this handy LIST.

I have to pay for this?

You do. Your ticket helps cover the location rental, basic supplies and a cargo van for hauling things to Mendocino. Awesome is in no way a for-profit venture.

Can I use my cellphone and interwebs on site?

Welcome to a weekend offline, communing with fellow humans in person! There’s no internet on site, and cell phones don’t work at the camp. There’s spotty reception in the town of Mendocino and on the rural roads driving to the area.

Can people reach me on site? (AKA In Case of Emergency…)

It’s very difficult to contact people at the site, but if it’s absolutely urgent, you can call Camp #1 (our camp) at 707-937-9962 or 707-937-4023. Let it ring—these are outside phones and it may take awhile for someone to notice it’s ringing and get to it. You might be able to leave a message, but don’t count on it. You may also be able to reach camp staff at the general office number: 707-937-5755. Please note that these numbers are for emergencies only. Please don’t use them to ask us if we need you to do a beer run on the drive up. OK wait, that might be considered an emergency…

How can I bring the awesome?

You’re all a bunch of wonderful freaks, and we want you to share your Fucking Awesome freaktastic skills and talents with the others. We welcome and strongly encourage you to plan an activity, event, meal, performance or ritual.

Children-friendly activities are great, as are adult-only romps. If you have a vision for something that you’d like to contribute, let us know. We have a schedule of events where you can add your evil scheme.

Here is just a sampling of the possibilities:

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What to Bring

Here’s your checklist:


The single cots in the cabins have mattresses (yes, they can be pushed together if there’s someone you want to sleep next to) BUT NO BEDDING IS PROVIDED – PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING SLEEPING NEEDS!! Such as…

  • Sleeping bag or sheets & blankets
  • Pillow
The rest of this stuff is a good idea…
  • A towel – if you enjoy bathing
  • A cup or mug if you like beverages in serving sizes other than 8oz
  • Camping chairs this place has lots of benches but not so many chairs with backs, if you like to lounge around the fire
  • Headlamp/flashlight
  • Battery-powered lantern for cabins – did we mention that there’s no electricity in the cabins?
  • Curtains – if you have some desire for privacy in your cabin, then bring material to cover the windows e.g. extra sheet or sarongs.
  • Air mattress or other padding - there are thin little pads on the cots, so an air mattress will almost certainly improve your sleep. If you end up sleeping.
  • Hard liquor – bring your own tequilavodkaabsintheschnappswhiskeyetc. Feel free to invent a signature drink and offer it to others to, if you’re so inclined.
  • We’ll bring a keg. You bring the rest. Conveniently, most of you will be passing through amazing wine country on the drive up
  • Something for the barbeque night
  • Something for the Indian potluck if you're coming up Friday
  • Musical Instruments for campfire singalongs or mind-bending concert performances
  • Earplugs
  • Warm layers
  • Yoga mat, if you’re inclined towards such stretchy things
  • COSTUMES! There are no specific themes, just general awesomeness.
  • Did we mention to remember to bring bedding, for sure?


Team Awesome

Help us out! Bring the awesome! All your damn faces belong here!
Dave Auerbach
Margot Brennan
Tracey Brieger
Chris Constantine
Electric Mayhem
Ann Finkelstein
Train Scheduler
Gordon Grant
Study Buddy
Justin Grant
Director of Party Robotics
Suzi Grishpul
Dance Revolutionary
Ash Lauth
Teegan Lee
Stage Kitten
Kaleb Lewis
Jane Martin
Tentacle Trainer
Joshua McClain
Sonic Boom
Rachel Mosley
Etiquette Coach
Austin Putman
Boxing Kangaroo
Annie Sartor
Mustang Tamer
Jo Solins
Regional VP
Michael Stevenson
David Taylor
Service Pony
Mateo Williford
Operations Specialist